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Tools and equipments needed for arrange garden

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22 May

Tools and equipments needed for arrange garden

As the saying goes: if you want something well done, you have to do it yourself. It’s time that you leave your garden and exteriors impeccable and in excellent condition. After making this decision, the question we ask ourselves is: what do I need to achieve this? We make this list of tools commonly used […]
echo srm-225
31 Dec

The Mighty Echo SRM-225

The Echo SRM-225 weed whacker is popular among lawn care professionals and weekend yard-work warriors alike! The machine packs excellent cutting power, even though its 21.2cc, two-cycle engine is on the small side. As a result, the Echo gas trimmer is lighter to carry than the competition, weighing in at only 12 pounds. The machine also starts […]
The Echo Ice Auger is a must have for any digging/drilling operation.
21 Dec

Echo Ice Auger: Going fishing this winter?

The Echo Ice Auger is a must have for any digging/drilling operation. The Echo Ice Auger has a 10 inch cutting diameter. Put to the test on the 3 foot ice built up on the Saginaw bay this 2015-2016 winter. The bigger holes make it much easier landing bigger fish. Here are a few great […]
Best New Tool Alert: The Tiny Echo Chainsaw
21 Dec

Best New Tool Alert: The Tiny Echo Chainsaw

When we talk about chainsaw, we often talk about horsepower, or cutting speed. But when you’re looking at buying a chainsaw, the most powerful statistic of them all might be the power-to-weight ratio. That’s important for professionals who spend all day behind a saw, but in some respects it’s even more so for amateur wood […]
kohler engines - model ECV870
23 Nov

Kohler Most Powerful EFI Engine to Date at GIE+EXPO

Kohler Engines unveiled its most fuel-efficient commercial engine yet at GIE+EXPO. The Command PRO EFI 824cc features a highly tuned air intake system that enhances airflow to maximize power and torque. In combination with Kohler’s closed-loop, electronic fuel-injection (EFI) system, this creates an engine that is both highly productive and fuel-efficient, Kohler assures. Mark Johansen, […]
lawn fertilization tips
14 Nov

Watering and fertilizing for a healthy lawn

If you are the type of person who rather be mowing a lawn with full, lively, healthly green blades of grass, then you are going to need to know how to water your lawn properly in order to achieve your goal of having a beautiful landscape. Following are some tips to help with watering and […]
kohler small engines
11 Nov

Kohler Small Engines introduces 3 new engine models

Kohler Small Engines is expanding its Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology with the introduction of the Confidant EFI, Command PRO EFI CH440, and Command PRO EFI 999cc. All three models use the Kohler designed closed loop system, which means an oxygen sensor in the muffler continuously monitors the air/fuel mixture. If the air/fuel mixture strays […]
kohler small engines history
5 Nov

Kohler Small Engines History

Kohler Co. was initially established in 1873. John Michael Kohler and Charles Silberzahn purchased the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry from Kohler’s employer and father-in-law. They incorporated their new company as Kohler & Silberzahn. In 1887 the company incorporated as the Kohler Co. Entering the Engine Market. Kohler became inspired by the growth of […]
Tips: when you mow your lawn
4 Nov

Tips: When you mow Your lawn

If you want a nice looking lawn, here are some vital rules for you to follow! 1.-  The 1/3 Rule. Never cut more than 1/3 of the total length of the grass blade at a time. This will help lessen stress on the grass blade and keep the blade healthy and more resistant to diseases. […]
Common lawn problems
3 Nov

Common lawn problems

Even the best lawn care devotees experience common problems with their lawn. For the most part, the fix is pretty simple. However, for unusual issues experts suggest that you dig up a soil sample and seek the advice of a nursery. The most common issues pertaining to lawns include: Many of these problems can be […]