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Best New Tool Alert: The Tiny Echo Chainsaw

Best New Tool Alert: The Tiny Echo Chainsaw
21 Dec

Best New Tool Alert: The Tiny Echo Chainsaw

When we talk about chainsaw, we often talk about horsepower, or cutting speed. But when you’re looking at buying a chainsaw, the most powerful statistic of them all might be the power-to-weight ratio. That’s important for professionals who spend all day behind a saw, but in some respects it’s even more so for amateur wood cutters who can be quickly tired from the work. They’ll be safer and more productive with a light, compact, and powerful saw!

That’s one reason we like this little rocket by Echo, the CS-361P. It’s a rear-handle lightweight arborist equipped with a 35.8-cc engine.

Echo Chainsaw Features:

Everything about the saw is professional duty. The air cleaner is tool free, and a wide bar with a three rivet nose design is equipped with a 91PXL Oregon chain.

The Echo’s cutter top plates are 33 percent longer than normal to withstand multiple sharpenings. The chain’s configuration is a low-vibration, semi-chisel  type, yet it’s also an aggressive cutter and an easy-to-sharpen profile. It may be the perfect chain to put on a light, feisty, fast-handling saw with a short bar of 14  or 16 inches and a rear handle.

The saw is priced in the professional category, at $400 to $410. But Echo saws are worth the money! We’ve tested many of them through the years, and they  always do well. The saws share a similar simple and intuitive design that includes  features such as toggle On/Off switch and an easy-access purge bulb. The  relatively new tool-free air cleaner is also a distinct advantage, especially if you’re  cutting in really dirty conditions, such as in areas with sandy soil or woods that have high resin content. The saw’s G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner removes more debris before it even gets to the air cleaner. Just remove it and tap it a couple of times to knock off any accumulation. All of this should take no more than a few seconds.

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