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Kohler Most Powerful EFI Engine to Date at GIE+EXPO

kohler engines - model ECV870
23 Nov

Kohler Most Powerful EFI Engine to Date at GIE+EXPO

Kohler Engines unveiled its most fuel-efficient commercial engine yet at GIE+EXPO. The Command PRO EFI 824cc features a highly tuned air intake system that enhances airflow to maximize power and torque. In combination with Kohler’s closed-loop, electronic fuel-injection (EFI) system, this creates an engine that is both highly productive and fuel-efficient, Kohler assures.

Mark Johansen, director of marketing for Kohler Engines, says the 824 engine was a couple of years in the making. “We told our engineers that our customers were telling us that they needed something that had more power but didn’t burn so much fuel,” Johansen says. For example, additional power is typically needed in the spring when mowing fast-growing, oftentimes wet grass, and also in the fall when bagging leaves and grass. But all summer long, the lawn maintenance contractor is typically burning a lot more fuel than necessary.

The 824cc engine can power up to a 72-inch deck, now giving contractors and EFI option for virtually any size zero-turn mower. Johansen says contractor demand for EFI has been growing for the past several years, and will continue to at an even faster pace.

“About 40% of our turf engines now are EFI,” Johansen says. “By 2017 we expect that to be more like 75%. And by 2020, combustion engines could be very scarce. We are pushing the industry in this direction, because it’s very important.”

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