Arborist Equipment

We provide the equipment that should be in every arborists tool belt!

When it comes to buying arborists tools, small details can mean the difference between an okay arborists tool and one that you’ll want to use over and over again.

Arborist Equipment
Arborist Equipment
Arborist Equipment

If you want to find the best arborists tools, then you need to visit our store.

Choosing the right arborists tools can make the everyday work of tree care so much easier. Different arborists and their crews will have different needs based on their work, local environment, and safety policies, etc.

That’s why here at Pronto Mowers we make the process of choosing the best arborist tools easier by only offering our customers the best brands of arborists equipment across Broward County and Palm Beach.


Over the years, Silky has become the go-to brand for arborists, offering products designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. All Silky Saws feature Laser-cut, impulse hardened blades for exceptional performance, unique alloy steel engineered and produced exclusively for Silky Saws and incredibly long service life.

From handsaws, pole saws and choppers to folding saws and a number of replacement blades and saw parts, here at Pronto Mowers you’ll find everything you need when it comes to tree care tools and woodworking saws for both fine and rough carpentry application.



Corona tools have been over the decades the preferred choice for the skilled professional to the budding novice. Since then, generations of agriculturists, gardeners, landscape and irrigation, arborists and construction professionals have turned to Corona for high-quality, performance tools that work as hard as they do.

We offer an extensive line of Corona tools for arborists, gardeners and landscapers, this way you can keep working efficiently, no matter the season.



There is a Felco for every wine producer, landscape gardener and agriculturist.

Felco offers a vast choice of tools for professionals whose work involves pruning work, fructification pruning, pruning and tree & shrub regeneration. Each of these tools can be found with just a visit to our store.


Our arborists tools selection include hand saws, pole saws, choppers, loppers, hand pruners, rakes and more...
Find all the lawn and arborist tools you need!