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We’re your best option to find the best lawn mower deals!

We’re your best option to find the best lawn mower deals!

Buying a lawn mower represents a significant investment in both time and money… and Pronto Mowers is the best place to find sales and discounts on Lawn Mowers including brands such as Hustler, Husqvarna, Toro, Briggs and Stratton, Honda and more.

We’re one of the leading US dealers for a number of makes and models of lawn mowers. With more than 30+ years’ experience, in all, we stock nearly 100 products from various brands like Hustler, Husqvarna, Briggs and Stratton, Shindaiwa and Toro. This means you will be able to buy from us the best brands that include both small engines and lawn mowers engines

If you want to buy a new mower or looking for mower broken spares, we’ll surely have it in our stock.

Buy your Ride Mower from one of the most trusted lawn mower dealers in Palm Beach and Broward county.

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Looking for a specific brand? Choose between Hustler, Redmax, Shindaiwa, STIHL and more.

Ride mowers are perfect for large residential/commercial lawns and gardens. If the terrain is a little sloppy, you still get the best cut and an even looking lawn.

If you need to maintain a large lawn or garden, a ride mower might be the best option for you since they’re not only more powerful than walk mowers, but they’re also provide the comfort user’s usually look for when mowing their lawns.

A powerful ride mower will get the job done in less time and with less effort.

Rear engine riding mower

Take a look at our wide variety of ride mowers.

If you own an expansive property and want to cut down on the time it takes to maintain your lawn, a lawn tractor is the best choice for you.

Lawn tractors are designed to tackle larger areas than walk mowers with deck widths that range between 42 and 54 inches. The other bright side of lawn tractors? They are comfortable (ride in), so you won’t have to make half the effort you do when using a walk mower.


Zero turn mowers have been transforming gardening experiences and taking them to a whole new level, thus becoming the most popular choice for homeowners.

Unlike other ride mowers, Zero turn mowers have lap bars in the front seat, which allows you to make sharp turns in tight spaces with ease. This provides an extra benefit when it comes to maneuverability, a feature that homeowners value immensely.

Zero turn mowers are a great choice for maneuvering around trees, shrubs and flowerbeds as well as tight corners, this way you can cut large expanses of grass in less time.

Hustler zero turn mower

A rear engine riding mower, as it name suggests, has an engine mounted behind the mower deck. The major advantage to this design is that it allows for a larger cutting deck.

Aside from having a variable speed hydrostatic transmission that is an advantage over other types of lawn mowers, a rear engine lawn mower also offers more accessibility to difficult lawn areas.

If you own a medium sized lawn, this option is the best fit for you.

Rear engine riding mower

There's one for every budget.

Ideal for small gardens, a walk mower will give your lawn the exact cut it needs, but for it to do that, you’ll need to push it forward by walking behind it, thus giving it the momentum it needs to cut through grass and clip your lawn faster.

Although walk mowers need the user’s strength to go forward, these are also more environmentally friendly than other types of mowers.

Make your lawn look smooth while removing the hardest debris with an all-purpose walk mower.

Rotary lawn mower

Quiet and lightweight, if you have a small yard, a walk mower it’s the perfect choice!

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What kind of lawn mower do you want/need? Walk Mower or Ride Mower?

Depending on your lawn’s size, you can choose between a walk mower or ride mower model. Walk mower models are recommended if you have a small and even garden. This model is also cheaper and easier to maintain than a ride mower.

Now, for bigger gardens, yards or large landscapes with bumpy terrains or steep conditions, a ride mower is definitely the right model for you since it will give you the steadiness you need plus, current riding lawn mower models come with hydrostatic transmissions, which are easier to operate.

No matter what you choose, our team of experts will be right there with you, assisting you in finding a lawn mower that fits your needs and your budget!