Hustler Super Z 54 in. 2019 Kohler 27 hp XR7 in Boca Raton, Florida

Hustler Super Z 54 in. 2019 Kohler 27 hp XR7 in Boca Raton, Florida

* VX4 Deck
This magnificent deck combines four performance features to give you the quickest, cleanest, and most professional-looking cut: Versatility, Velocity, Vacuum, and Volume. The combination allows professionals to move more grass through the deck more efficiently and consistently.
– Vacuum: Engineered vacuum efficiently lifts blades of grass for an even, clean cut every time. With sufficient airflow and adjustable front baffle.
– Velocity: Get more done faster. VX4 Deck found on models that go up to 16 mph. With fast ground speed, reduced grass clogging.
– Volume: The shape of the deck creates a larger tunnel towards a wider discharge opening moving more clippings through faster. With funnels clippings up into the larger tunnel that even the distribution of discharged clippings.
– Versatility: Get a professional cut no matter the conditions, grass type, or season. With a reinforced deck and adjustable front baffle that reduces blow-out of leaves and clippings saving you time mowing with a perfect cut.
* Unmatched Hydraulics Heavy-duty hydraulics deliver more power, torque than many other machines.
* Unmatched Comfort I3M suspension seat with 3-inch travel range.

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Hustler Super Z 54 in. 2019 Kohler 27 hp XR7 near me in Boca Raton, Fl:

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Hustler Super Z 54 inches Kohler 27 hp XR7 PN 927970 Serial No 09091773

The Hustler Super Z makes a difference with its renowned VX4 deck technology proven to cut and disperse grass more quickly and efficiently regardless of conditions.

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